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PI Weather Sensor: All of your racing weather station needs wrapped up into one sensor. Complete with necessary wiring, hardware, and standard programming channel outputs.


Link to Weather Sensor Instructions


Our 0-5v Analog Sensors are compatible with most major ECU manufactures such as Holley™, Fuel Tech™, Haltech™, MoTec™, MaxxECU™, and many others!

Weather Sensor - PRO SERIES, Standard Programming

$419.99 Regular Price
$399.99Sale Price
  • The PI PRO SERIES Weather Sensor is the first sensor of it's kind designed specifically for motorsports applications with unique features to revolutionize and improve any racing program.

    If you have ever battled performance changes between days, tracks, or even from event schedule changes, this is just the sensor to integrate for maximizing consistency and performance. Eliminate all worry or dependency of cell phone reception to look up weather; your weather needs will now always be with you.

    PI has integrated all of your racing weather station needs into independent electrical signals in one sensor. These signals can be fed into most aftermarket ECU's with the potential for logging, displaying weather on the dash, AND OR closed loop tuning changes. (We provide the sensor signal - the rest is up to YOU!)

    These sensors can be programmed by PI to provide different outputs parameters or to use different units of measurement. (Example: exchange Temperature output with Relative Humidity). Please add Custom Weather Programming to the cart and choose your options!


    This series contains a powerful CPU which takes in data from multiple onboard sensors, compiles it using sophisticated algorithms, and provides the user with cleanly compensated and useful data.

    Designed and built in the USA!

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