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Use for protecting sensative electronics from flyback voltage in addition to shortening drain time for systems with electromagnetic solenoids.


This Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) diode limits and clamps the voltages produced when then magnetic field of the solenoid is charged or collapses; which mitigates intermittent and permenant damage to sensative electronics, and in most cases allows the solenoid to drain and turn OFF faster. It also is a bi-directional device, allowing the user to install it without worry of which end attaches to the solenoid Positive, and which end attaches to the negative (i.e. Power Ground).


If used on a single wire transbrake, one side is spliced into the power wire, while the other side should be grounded to the transmission case, as the Transmission case/Engine should already contain a chassis ground (Power Ground) strap.


This Automotive grade AEC-Q101 qualified diode translates to high reliability and repeatability in automotive applications.


Operating Voltage: 18V

Clamping Voltage: +/- 29V



***If you require different specifications for your vehicle, please submit a form or send us a message using the chat feature with your contact information. Even if it is outside of our operating time we will do our best to respond quickly!***

Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diode

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