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Includes - All parts necessary to wire install the LED Strip Light -

(1) 12" LED Strip, Adhesive backed, Preterminated with 2 Cavity ATM/DTM Socket Plug

(1) 2 Cavity ATM/DTM Pin Receptacle (Mating Connector Body)

(1) 2 Cavity Pin Wedgelock

(2) Size 20 (20-22awg) Machined Pin, Nickel Plated



Compatable with 12V or 16V system, these low power, bright, and waterproof strip lights function great as dome lights or work lightshave a small footprint provides great brightness.


*On solid engine mounted racing applications, vibration MAY cause adhesive to delaminate if the wiring is not well secured/supported. For the BEST mounting results we found the simple addition of zip ties to secure ends or using a small amount of gasket maker (Silicone or Rightstuff) to assist in securing the light strip in place.



  1. Clean the desired mounting surface with wax and grease remover
  2. Remove the adhesive stip protection and firmly press LED Stip into your desired location
  3. Use roughly 12" of 1/4" masking tape to cover the light strip face
  4. Mask around the perimeter of the LED Strip Light leaving roughly 3/16" gap on all sides
  5. Prepare the gasket maker (We use RightStuff) and apply a small amount every 1" or so around perimeter between Strip Light and Masking tape
  6. With clean hands, spread gasket maker along edges (Apply more as needed)
  7. After 5-10 minutes (while gasket maker is tacky) carefully remove the masking tape around perimeter, leaving the masking tape covering the LED's for last - be sure not to disturb/wipe adhesive

LED Strip Light, Color Options

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