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Kit Includes:

(1) 8 Cavity Strain Relief Receptacle Connector

(1) 8 Cavity Strain ReliefPlug Connector

(1) Pin Receptacle Wedgelock

(1) Socket Plug Wedgelock

(8) Pin, Machined, Size 16, 16-20awg, Nickel Plated

(8) Socket, Machined, Size 16, 16-20awg, Nickel Plated


High-performance, cost-effective solution specifically designed for moderate current applications, accepting 14-20awg wire. The connector design incorporates an integral latching system that ensures a definitive electrical and mechanical connection. Connector housings are manufactured with a thermoplastic material is durable and has excellent UV resistance, dielectric/mechanical properties and environmentally RoHS compliant. The sealing system is comprised of an internal and rear silicone, multi-sealing perimeter against environmental ingress. Contacts are derived from quality copper alloy to ensure an electrically-reliable connection.


AT Connectors retaining AT Wedgelocks are compatible with Deutsch DT Connectors retaining DT Wedgelocks!

8 Cavity AT/DT Strain Relief Connector Kit, Key/Color Choice

  • Color Option(s)

    Grey - KEY A

    Black - KEY B

    Green - KEY C

    Brown - KEY D

    Cavities 8
    Strain Relief YES

    Min. Daim. Heatshrink

    to fit over Strain Relief

    Unrecovered 0.XXX"




    -55°C to +125°C

    @ rated current

    Maximum Current 13A Continuous

    Contact Size


    Terminal Wire Size



    Terminal Wire Size



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