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(4x) Size 12, 10-14awg size wires

(19x) Size 16, 14-20awg size wires

(6x) Size 20, 20-22awg size wires


Kit Includes

(1) 29 Cavity Flanged Bayonet Pin Receptacle Connector, Lipped

(1) 29 Cavity Bayonet Socket Plug Connector, Lipped

(5) Size 12 (10-14awg) Machined Pins, Nickel Plated (1 spare)

(5) Size 12 (10-14awg) Machined Sockets, Nickel Plated (1 spare)

(21) Size 16 (14-20awg) Machined Pins, Nickel Plated (2 spare)

(21) Size 16 (14-20awg) Machined Sockets, Nickel Plated (2 spare)

(7) Size 20 (20-22awg) Machined Pins, Nickel Plated (1 spare)

(7) Size 20 (20-22awg) Machined Sockets, Nickel Plated (1 spare)

Includes Hardware Kit

(3) Stainless Steel M5x0.8mm x 10mm Long Button Head Screw  (1 spare)

(3) Stainless Steel M5 Washer (1 spare)


Cut out Template and Tool Overview can be downloaded HERE


This high-performance, impact resistant and lightweight thermoplastic housings, environmentally sealed, multi-pin, heavy duty, circular connector series provides an economical quick-connect bayonet locking system manufactured to withstand the challenges and complexities of harsh applications. Backshells maintain a compression-fit design to resist maximum pull-out forces and facilitate strain-relief for jacketed cable ranges.

IP67 and IP69K degree of protection (in mated condition)



(1N) AHDP02-24-29PN-BRA, (1N) AHDP06-24-29SN-BRA, (7A) AT60-202-20141, (7A) AT62-201-20141, (21) AT60-202-16141, (21) AT62-201-1614, (5) AT60-204-12141, (5) AT62-203-121411, 

29 Cavity, Flanged Bayonet Bulkhead, Connector Kit, Shell 24

Color: Black
Ships within 4BU days or optional money back guarantee
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