Dual-Axis Accelerometer (G-meter)
  • Dual-Axis Accelerometer (G-meter)


    The PI Dual-Axis (XY) 5GAccelerometer is designed specifically for motorsports. This unit features +/- 5g high sensativity in the X-axis and Y-axis directions. The X-axis data from the device is essential for making Acceleration and Deceleration power management decisions. The Y-axis data is essential for cornering and driving related tuning. Acceptable for vehicles of ALL power levels!


    This device is the single most important sensor in all of motorsports!


    Made in the USA!

      SKU: ACC2-5XY

      5V Excitation Voltage

      0-5V Analog outputs (X-axis and Y-axis)

      High Precision Sensing

      Low Power Consumption

      Lightweight Aluminum Mounting Baseplate (mounting hardware included)

      Milspec Connector (Mating connector and terminals included)

      Nominal 200Hz Bandwidth Sampling

      Environmentally Sealed